Top 5 Beauty Tips

From lashes and cleansers to facials and manicures, here are our top 5 beauty tips on how to look and feel like a million bucks:

Tame your brows

Shape your eyebrows for an instant facelift. Just a few plucks will balance out your features and frame your eyes perfectly. If you fall foul to over-plucking use a brow pencil to fill in any patches.

Care for your skin

Drink lots of water to keep your skin looking fresh, take short showers to help retain moisture and always cleanse at the end of the day to prevent redness, clogged pores and spots. Follow up with a rich moisturiser suitable for your skin type to protect and soften. Treat yourself as often as you can to a Booster Facial to add radiance and shine to your skin – it ups blood circulation and improves skin tone.

Curl your eyelashes

Open up your eyes by gently curling your eyelashes – you’ll look more alert, younger and fresher with the aid of a simple eyelash curler.


Your mood has an effect on your appearance so take care of your mind and body by eating well, exercising regularly and making space for leisure time. Hot stone massage is perfect for alleviating stress, relieving pain and promoting relaxation.

Get a manicure

Perfectly glossed nails are always on trend and an expert manicure will ensure your cuticles and nail bed are up to par at all times. Go short, round and dark for practicality or opt for long, tapered nails for ultimate glamour.


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