Wine & Food Pairing – Just in time for Christmas!

The perfect glass of wine can amp up your Christmas menu to create a delicious festive meal that’s scrumptious from start to finish. But how can you tell which wine matches which dish? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right wines for your yuletide feast:

The basic rule to remember is that the higher the tannin levels in a wine the drier, or more astringent, it will taste. Each wine will also have a different depth of flavour – full-bodied red wines tend to work beautifully with beef and pork where as lighter wines like the Louis Eschenauer Chardonnay featured on our wine list will perfectly match our traditional turkey main course.  This is because turkey has a low fat content and works well with lighter white wines; if you pair turkey with a strong red wine with more tannins it will make everything taste too harsh. However, a red wine may be ideal if the trimmings include richer ingredients like butter and cream or if you’re having fattier duck or goose instead of turkey as your main course.

If you’re searching for the perfect wine to serve alongside salty canapés at a Christmas party then choose dry sparkling wines, such as champagne or cava that are slightly sweet.  For tart appetisers choose a zesty Sauvignon Blanc and to tame the heat of spicy snacks opt for a dry Riesling.

Most sweet wines are white and are if you’re planning on serving them with dessert you should make sure they complement the flavours in your pudding. Noble rot wines, such as Sauternes and Tokaji Aszú, are perfect for very sweet desserts served with custard, such as sticky toffee pudding. Fortified red wines are better paired with chocolate based desserts, truffles or even cheese.

The most important thing of course is to trust your own palate. Try a selection of wines and choose the one that pleases your tastes above all others; after all it’s your party!